Advanced Auctioning

So right after we were done with the Farmers Market, we went to the livestock auction. We were waaaaaay out of our league.

This was for real farmers, not dilettantes like ourselves.

First of all, it was buying in bulk sometimes.

They trot out seven goats, and you buy all of them, unless you say “choice” before they get started.

It took us a while to figure out that they were bidding on hundred weight. Unless they were bidding by head. And it wasn’t always clear (to us) which it was.

You also had to be able to tell male/female, meat/dairy in an instant. Because the real farmers know immediately- and as near as I could tell, they didn’t always say sex, and never said breed.

Not pictured: five million flies

We had good seats, but that didn’t help. Now, I’m no slouch when it comes to talking fast. I was a debater and have judged my fair share of debates. But damn, that was too fast for even me.

So we didn’t get Daisy a sister, but we have one more chance at a less advanced auction on Friday.

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