Peas Please

So I’m late to the party on peas. Of course when it was canned or frozen peas, it was a terrible party.

But I love me some fresh peas.

So I harvested all of my peas last week. Got a fair amount.

Maybe a pint or so. And you almost never see peas at a farmers market around here because the return is not great. But at the market on Saturday, the people across the way has peas!

So I bought them. First, just one bag, so as not to be greedy. Then, when it was almost over, I bought the rest. I may have a problem.

So I set up my iPad to play this weird little show with the Voltaggio brothers from Top Chef (which I love), and started shelling.

I ended up with two quarts of peas.

I used one to make ham and pea soup. I’m thinking of maybe a pasta carbonara. I heard a story on NPR about Jovial pasta, and they mentioned that in an America’s Test Kitchen test, it was the best gluten-free pasta. So I want to give it a try.

The season for fresh peas is short, but delicious.

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