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Bees and Apple Trees

Our apple trees are in bloom and the bees are loving it!

Kitchen Garden Update

So the hydroponics proved to be too much of an attractive nuisance for the kittens. I will try again with better security. But the kitchen garden is going well. The cats occasionally try to eat the leaves of the kohlrabi, but they leave the… Continue Reading “Kitchen Garden Update”


We are making progress on the bee structure. We got a couple of pieces put up yesterday between storms. Today are the joists. Joists looks funny, like it shouldn’t be a word. Asparagus count: 7

Busy Day

We skipped our usual Sunday jaunt to MakeICT, in order to work on the bee structure. However, we had ten (!!!) dozen eggs to get rid of. We are going to have to start paying people to take them. My brother was non-specific about… Continue Reading “Busy Day”

Spring is Springing

Still in the early days, but signs are starting to pop up, as are our peonies.

Starting the Garden

Over the weekend we had warm weather if windy. So on Saturday, I did some gardening. Planted some stuff, weeded others. All in all lovely.

Outdoor Dining

So, one of our favorite things to do in the before times was go to the Yoder chicken auction. There are not only chickens, but other animals, as well as random stuff. Early on, someone had cedar planks for sale. Just a bunch of… Continue Reading “Outdoor Dining”

A Promise of Spring

So, today seemed like real spring for the first time (did I just jinx it?). I’m getting more mobile every day. I hope to be out of my boot on the 18th, almost five months after my initial break. I went on a few… Continue Reading “A Promise of Spring”

Hydroponics-Take Two

So that didn’t work… It started well, but as of today, this is all I have.

Book 7 and Kitchen Waste Garden

So I read my seventh book.