Eighth Time is the Charm?

It’s that time of year again. When I attempt to start seedlings indoors. I’ve fallen prey to neglect, injury, illness, kittens, wind, hail, cold, pretty much anything that can go wrong, has gone wrong. Seriously, my first year, I planted 200+ seedlings, and the day after I put them in a greenhouse outside, a storm blew it all away, greenhouse and all.

There’s nothing as stupidly optimistic like a bad gardener, so we try, try again.

I started with seedlings under a plastic cover with a grow light over it, but the condensation decreased the light enough that the seedlings got leggy.

So now I’ve got the seedlings under the light, with netting over all of it. It definitely helps.

We start with grape tomatoes. They are still a bit leggy, but looking better than usual.

In the other columns, there are regular tomatoes.

We’ve also got broccoli and kohlrabi that aren’t looking too bad.

Then we’ve got some eggplant coming along.

Nothing else seems to be doing well. I’m going to start more in March (these started at the beginning of February).

I’m also doing micro greens. So far the radish micro greens are doing the best. I’m on my second batch. I used the first batch on an amuse bouche and a salad.

I’ve also got some arugula. I sowed the seeds a little thinner, because I’m considering leaving it for big leaves.

Finally, I’ve got beet greens. I need to spread more seeds. But we will see where this takes us.

Here’s hoping they keep going.

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