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Our Loss is Your Gain

So, like most of the country, we had a ridiculously cold couple of days. Sadly, our hives didn’t survive. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we now have four five-gallon buckets of honey and wax. So, yay?

Ivy and her Boyfriend

We got our act together this year (on some things-we’ll talk about the orchard later) and took the plunge into goat breeding. Around October, my Facebook goat group starts to look like Backpage. We discussed breeding last year with a guy, but never got… Continue Reading “Ivy and her Boyfriend”

TOMORROW – MakeICT Open House

A reminder for my local readers that the MakeICT open house and market are tomorrow.

MakeICT Open House

Just one week until the MakeICT open house! Come tour our new digs and shop at the market. I’ll be there with eggs, honey, and lots of other stuff.

3D Printing Parts

As you know, my good friend Prairie Peacock makes fabulous soaps. One of the things that she wants to do is to be able to add shapes to her soaps. So I built her a die to fit her extruder.

My First Online Sale!

Woot! I made my first online sale. My friends Angie and Kate ordered a care package for a birthday present, and some honey for themselves. So if’n any of you want honey or honey products, I have them. Goad Farm.

Pretty, But Dumb

Clover is our prettiest goat in my opinion. Also our smallest. But she is definitely not the smartest goat in the herd.

Farmers Market July

Us, on the way to the Farmers Market… “We need to restrain ourselves.”

Second Farmers Market

We did another Farmers Market this weekend. I think a once-a-month cadence will work for us. This week we added a couple of new things to our wares.

Our First Farmers Market

So we did a thing.