Ivy and her Boyfriend

We got our act together this year (on some things-we’ll talk about the orchard later) and took the plunge into goat breeding. Around October, my Facebook goat group starts to look like Backpage. We discussed breeding last year with a guy, but never got around to it. But we talked again, and set up a date.

So, we load Ivy up in the back of the Subaru with training pads.

We realized our mistake about one minute in. You see, Ivy wants to be a lap goat. Which poses a problem for the driver of the vehicle. So we pull over, and the Husband gets in the back seat with Ivy and I drive.

We get to the place and we introduce Ivy to Thor. She was unimpressed.

We get her in the pen, and leave. And wait… and wait. So three weeks later, our goat guy messages and says we can pick her up.

We have grown wise, and now have a barrier between goat and driver.

Now the waiting begins. We can get a sonogram in mid-January. Until then we just feel her belly, and take lots of pictures of her from above. Here’s hoping someone in this household can get pregnant.

Fat or pregnant?

Hope y’all had a good holiday season – Kate

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