Our First Farmers Market

So we did a thing.

We got up bright and early on Saturday morning and went to sell our eggs at the farmers market. Just under the wire at 6:58. We learned a lot, had fun, and sold out our eggs.

Things we learned:

  • The you pick the color wasn’t a thing.
  • The pictures helped start conversations.
  • We had about the right number of eggs (14 dozen).
  • Get closer to the start of the flow of traffic.
  • Get a table cloth.
  • Bet a bigger table.
  • Those cheap canvas folding chairs suck.
  • We aren’t morning people, so get up earlier.
  • Our prices were pretty much on par.

Our first sale.

Market opening.

Our setup.

A pretty mural on the building next to the market.

Alas, I may have spent all of our profits.

But then, the entire purpose of selling is to support my farmers market habit.

I may have a problem.

In any case, we sold out of eggs, and about half our honey.

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