I’m certainly not perfect, but I try to be as much of an ally as I can. Most of the time, I have a seasonal wreath on my porch, and in June, it is always the colors of the pride flag.

Last year’s wasn’t all that exciting. I wound ribbons of each color around my wreath. Kinda blah. But this year, my friend Chantal posted a picture of the most beautiful wreath, so I had to do it. So here’s the inspiration.

I started with a wreath and a boatload of silk flowers. You could probably use regular scissors to cut the stems to length, but being a lefty, scissors are a trial. I use wire snips from the jewelry department to cut mine. Saves the nerves in the thumb.

You can either glue gun or weave the flowers into the wreath. I usually weave, because I will reuse the wreath and flowers in a different configuration for another wreath.

Added the transgender flag colors next to the purple.

All in all pleased with the result.

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