Best Batch Yet

Im preparing for the summer farmers market season and a market at my makerspace. I’ve been amassing cuts of various cute calico fabric for beeswax wraps.

I think I’ve finally gotten my recipe sorted out. There’s a struggle between enough pine rosin that it is tacky, but not enough that it is discolored. A 4/1 ratio of wax to rosin by weight, with a tbsp of jojoba oil seems to do the trick.

I did two color palettes for spring. One is purple and yellow, the other is red and yellow.


Which do you like better? I’m accepting advice on other good color palettes.

The other new thing I did with this batch was I used a roller instead of foam paintbrushes. I got a 6 in roller with a microfiber roll. Worked like a charm. There was a little more waste of wax mixture than with the brush, but I was able to reclaim more after I was done. Quick, smooth and with my full sheet pan, easy cleanup.

One Comment on “Best Batch Yet

  1. They are all so pretty! It’s great to have a wide variety of colors and fabrics at markets, but not too many that people can’t make a decision. Those all look so cute, and you used the perfect fabric for a homesteading theme! ❤


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