My First Online Sale!

Woot! I made my first online sale. My friends Angie and Kate ordered a care package for a birthday present, and some honey for themselves.

So if’n any of you want honey or honey products, I have them. Goad Farm.

We have a variety of stuff:

  • Honey bears
  • Creamed honey
  • Candles
  • Beeswax wraps

I’m planning on making lip balm, but attempt 1 was a bit of a fail.

Creamed honey, a candle, and a set of three wraps.

The wraps are pretty darn cool. I’ve got the black/yellow and blue/red. I just bought orange/green calico and orange/blue/brown for fall. Hoping to make some more in a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow’s project is giardinaria for a dinner party. I am actually going to get to see people who aren’t the Husband! Everyone is vaxxed, no one can have symptoms. Pot luck, and we’ve got some amazing cooks in the group. Since we are traveling, I’m doing a charcuterie plate.

Violet and Iris approve.

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