Pretty, But Dumb

Clover is our prettiest goat in my opinion. Also our smallest.

But she is definitely not the smartest goat in the herd.

One of her stupid goat tricks is to get herself caught in the fence. Over, and over, and over.

Yesterday afternoon I go out there because I hear a goat freak out. I find this.

She is stuck in the fence. Violet is concerned. So I spend five minutes or so getting her unstuck. I walk back to the gate and…

Not two minutes later.

So this morning we decided to do something about it. Enter, the stick of shame. Attempt 1

Not sure why it didn’t work, I just got pics sent from The Husband while I was at work. But stick of shame number 2 is here.

Over-under on getting out of the stick of shame is at two days. Any takers?

UPDATE: under. That is all.

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