Man, Work is Crazy

I usually don’t post about work here, but it has been a crazy few weeks.

So I am a webinar coordinator, which more or less means I manage about 60 projects from planning to kickoff to delivery. I also moderate other online training, which means I’m helping with instructor coaching, troubleshooting, and introducing the training.

In a normal week, I have two live events and a dry run. Maybe an online event. Not these last few weeks.

This week is particularly busy.

It doesn’t leave much time. Plus, last Friday we decided we had to do one of them in-house. Which, of course, means me. So I spent my birthday on Sunday working. Being a grownup sucks sometimes.

But, soon I will go to KC for a weekend. I am going to an actual social event. A pot luck dinner. I also get to go to dinner anywhere I want in KC. Is it too silly to want to go to the melting pot?

I love me some fondue. But the melting pot is so (pardon the pun) cheesy. We will see where we end up.

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