Charcuterie Building

So we went to a party on Saturday. With actual people. Shocking I know.

It was out of town, and pot luck so i needed to have something that travels. So I decided on a charcuterie board.

First you’ve got to get the main components, meat and cheese. We have an amazing creamery pretty close to us, Elderslie Farm. I picked up a goat Gouda, a Camembert type, and my favorite, a simple chèvre. I also picked up some fresh sheep’s milk cheese from Green Dirt Farm.

The meat wasn’t as easy, I got some prosciutto from La Quercia in Iowa (they have it at my grocery store), and some speck, Genoa salami, and basque salami from the store brands.

To the side I bought some fig jam, and added some of our creamed honey. Some nuts, apricots, and rosemary sprigs rounded out the board. I bought some berries, but followed the Coco Chanel rule.

I bought some platters at IKEA because of course I did. I’m not sure whether it is more dangerous to go to IKEA with a list or without one.

We get back to our palatial suite — woohoo for forgetting to check in early.

And I start to build.

Start with a plan.

Put the main items where you want them. Then start filling in.

All the big stuff is down. Start the smaller bits.

Don’t be afraid to overload the board. It is supposed to be bountiful.

…and done.

The party was lovely, an old friend, a bunch of new ones, and some great conversations.

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