Pimp My Goats

All right… research done for the moment. Let’s get ready to rumble. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to google who had goats for stud and got nowhere. I resort to Facebook groups, where I hit the motherlode.

Within two days I had eight offers ranging from selling to servicing, and from $50 to $150. What did I do? One post about looking to breed my goat. Note: all pics of bachelors are theirs.

Bachelor #1

Eliminated because they only sell, not service.

Bachelor #2

Outside of the nearest big town. This bachelor offers a second chance if she doesn’t get pregnant the first time. Higher end of the price scale. He makes it to the final round.

Bachelor #3

Near our house. Guaranteed pregnancy. Higher end of the price scale. Made it to the finals. With our luck we will get the goofball in the bottom right corner.

Bachelor #4

No pics, and, ultimately a no-go due to breed. But his owner was a fount of knowledge and I totally appreciate it.

Bachelor #5

Full boer, so not really the size/breed we want. Higher end of the price scale. Fairly close. Just missed the final cut.

Bachelor #6

Ghosted me. Typical.

Bachelor #7

Again, ghosted.

Bachelor #8

Lots of breeds. Lowest price, but muuuuch lower, so I’m skeptical. Don’t want to lowball.

Final Rose

So we have bachelors two and three up for consideration (although on message boards, apparently up for consideration means up for sale, offer me money).

We went for a beauty contest judged by the Husband. Aaaaaand the bachelor is:

Bachelor number three.

I’ve been chatting with the owner, and we are thinking a May kidding, so we are shooting for December for the breeding. More in December.

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