Jewelry Making

When we were in Canada, I bought this bracelet. It was several straps of leather with various charms.

…And it broke before we got home.

So I finally got around to fixing it last Saturday.

I used twine instead of leather, so I can make changes more easily and so I can use fittings that will clamp, rather than gluing the ends like before.

Started off by taking the bracelet completely apart and sorting what goes on each strand.

I braided one strand, use a single strand, a double strand, and a triple that is twisted. Halfway there.

All of the strands plus the fittings.

I used crimp fittings to try to keep everything together. We will see whether this works better than glue. another view.

On my wrist.

Next up is a friendship bracelet kit that the Husband put together for kids at the Makerspace. It is a cardboard disc and some yarn. I hate the way yarn feels (yeah, I don’t know either, but there it is), so I used crochet twine. I am loving orange, green, and yellow together right now, so I picked those. You need seven, so I went with a solo cream thread. Which, as it turns out, helped me keep track of the threads.

Things I learned.

  1. I still suck at making friendship bracelets. My sixth-grade self feels vindicated.
  2. I still hate needlework, and this counts as needlework for me.
  3. I still lose things – it’s already gone from my wrist (Sunday morning)

But for a brief shining moment, I had one.

When did my hands get so wrinkly?

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