The new bees are here! The new bees are here!

I had a plan. It was a good plan. The bees were due to arrive on Saturday, and we would pick them up on Sunday morning. Yeah. That can’t happen. We must always install bees racing sunset, and if possible, a storm.

Our bee guy said we needed to come and get them on Saturday. Since I have an allergic reaction to bee stings (not life threatening, but enough I have to take a handful of Benadryl and lie down) I didn’t want to drive for an hour alone with a Subaru full of bees.

So we went after the Husband got off of work.

We actually got done before full dark!

We were way more prepared than we’ve been in past years. Everything was already in place, so all we had to do was dump the bees and sugar water, and close ‘er up.

The bees seem happy.

Here’s to newbies!

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