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Even more throwback.

So we’ve looked at the hotel, the food. What next? Ooh work. The reason I was in Bengaluru was because I was there training some of our writers. They welcomed us with flowers, and it was such fun. Everyone decided to wear their sari… Continue Reading “Even more throwback.”

LRA to B’ham

Today was Little Rock to Birmingham. Less wandering this time. We went to the Parkin Archaeological State Park. It was an indigenous settlement at the confluence of a couple of rivers. Very cool.


I started my seeds for the year. I’ve got a setup in my mud room that has a warming mat, grow light, and I made a self-watering system. Hopefully it will work. We have a couple weeks to work out the kinks.

Nobody Here But Us Chickens…

Who are we? Here at the Accidental Homesteader, we have two humans, three cats, and eight chickens.  I’m Kate. There is the husband. We have Cleopatra, an old bitch of a cat. She’s about 11 or so. She just lost her buddy Agamemnon two… Continue Reading “Nobody Here But Us Chickens…”