LRA to B’ham

Today was Little Rock to Birmingham. Less wandering this time.

We went to the Parkin Archaeological State Park. It was an indigenous settlement at the confluence of a couple of rivers. Very cool.

We walked through the park, and looked at all of the cool stuff.

Pictures aren’t doing it justice.

Then we got to Memphis. On our way out of town, we stopped and (of course) got barbecue.

Now, we’re KC enthusiasts, but I’m ecumenical. We went to Corky’s and it was so good. Sausage, ribs and pulled pork. NOM.

We got out of town and drove through. There was a sign for a Natural Bridge, so we decided to try to find it. Sadly, it was a private thing, and they sold confederate flag crap. We have the family rule of if they sell confederate anything, we don’t spend money there. So it was a wild goose chase.

Ironically, there was this sign.

We eventually got to Birmingham, and stopped because there were storms between us and the next big town. We stayed in a Hilton downtown, and had the. Worst. Dinner. They did not cover themselves in glory.

On the other hand, we complained, and Hilton did what they could to make it right. Including a hand-written apology, which was nice. So today is Birmingham to Hilton Head. Let’s go.

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