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LRA to B’ham

Today was Little Rock to Birmingham. Less wandering this time. We went to the Parkin Archaeological State Park. It was an indigenous settlement at the confluence of a couple of rivers. Very cool.

Day One – ICT to LRA

We set off with no real plan. The minimum was going to be to get to Little Rock, and the hope was to get to Memphis. We got to Little Rock, but we had a good time getting there. As always, started the day… Continue Reading “Day One – ICT to LRA”

Cool Stuff in Wichita

I had to make myself scarce yesterday so the husband could do some plumbing work, so I ran errands in town. One thing I love about Wichita is that there is surprisingly good architecture in town. We’ve got a Frank Lloyd Wright house, some… Continue Reading “Cool Stuff in Wichita”

Arty Pictures

One of the things I want to get better at is photography. Note: I want to learn and be better at ALL THE THINGS. So here are the more *arty* of the shots from my vacation.