Day One – ICT to LRA

We set off with no real plan. The minimum was going to be to get to Little Rock, and the hope was to get to Memphis. We got to Little Rock, but we had a good time getting there.

As always, started the day with waffles at the Hampton Inn, because waffles.

We headed south to Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.

Actual conversation:

Me: I’ll wake you if there’s anything interesting.

Beloved husband: It’s Oklahoma.

Me: Good point. Have a nice nap.

By sheer crappy luck, I got the shifts where decisions had to be made about roads. Alas. So we get through Tulsa, and out the other side. We’re driving along happily, and I notice that there are hotspots in the woods to our right. Hmmm…. good to know.

Then we stop at Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge. It was lovely, we went on a drive, walked around a bit. Took some lovely pictures.

We saw eagles, hawks, vultures, great blue heron, cardinals, bluebirds, squirrels. Lots of good stuff.

It was beautiful!

I laughed because as BH picked me up at the airport yesterday, he said he took the car through the car wash. Um… yeah, that’s shot to hell. We were on dirt roads through most of this.

But ultimately, we had to take off, because there was a distinct fire smell in the air.

That would be the hot spots I saw. The rest of the day was uneventful, we decided to call it a night at Little Rock.

And again at the Hampton, because Waffles!

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