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My Favorite Places in my Favorite Place (Part 1, Landscapes)

My favorite place is Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park. But what are my favorite places in the park? Let’s look at them…

Oh For Goodness Sakes

So I “sprained” my ankle last week. And it still hurt. So I go to the walk-in clinic, where they take some x-rays. Yep. Broke the *other* ankle. This one at least isn’t displaced.

I Like Big Basin, I Cannot Lie

In addition to the beautiful flowers, we had a wonderful day of exploring. We ended up going to see Big Basin, Little Basin, and St. Jacob’s Well. These are waaay off of the beaten path. We took the road less traveled. The big basin… Continue Reading “I Like Big Basin, I Cannot Lie”

Getting Lost

We decided to have a weekend out with COVID precautions. Road trip off the beaten path, and staying at an Airbnb. It was lovely to get out of the house, and we came into contact with people four times total (potty stops).

Guardsman Pass

Yesterday we decided to go on a scenic drive. We started in Park City, and headed south (maybe? Directions here are not cemented in my brain yet).

Park City

So my cousin is getting married on Monday, and we headed out to Utah. We flew through Denver, so of course I had to listen to this on the way.

Belated Birthday Trip

Originally, my birthday was going to be a chuckwagon supper in the Flint Hills followed by an astronomy program. But it was rained out, so we went to Lake Scott. It was lovely.

Attempted Kayaking

The next day was supposed to be a kayaking excursion among the salt marshes. Of the five of us, two made it. One peeled off sick early, and the Husband and i peeled off because the going was too rough. We went through a… Continue Reading “Attempted Kayaking”

LRA to B’ham

Today was Little Rock to Birmingham. Less wandering this time. We went to the Parkin Archaeological State Park. It was an indigenous settlement at the confluence of a couple of rivers. Very cool.

Day One – ICT to LRA

We set off with no real plan. The minimum was going to be to get to Little Rock, and the hope was to get to Memphis. We got to Little Rock, but we had a good time getting there. As always, started the day… Continue Reading “Day One – ICT to LRA”