Oh For Goodness Sakes

So I “sprained” my ankle last week. And it still hurt.

So I go to the walk-in clinic, where they take some x-rays. Yep. Broke the *other* ankle. This one at least isn’t displaced.

The good news is we found out after we were in Colorado, so I still get my vacation. The bad news is… well the broken ankle.

We weren’t going to be hiking anyway. So now we are going to not hike all that much more.

So what happened? I tripped over a box in an insomnia haze ten days ago. Thought it was just sprained, so I wrapped it and went along my merry way. Felt like a wimp when I complained that it hurt.

I have driven stick (break is left ankle), carried laundry up the stairs. I’ve done a few strolls. Oh and I did a little rock scramble this afternoon when I was fishing.

Nice spot though.

So here I am. In the most lovely place-and I can’t walk. Dammit.

Could be worse, I could be not in Colorado.

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