Month: October 2021

Research Time

So now that we have healthy goats, we need to figure out our next steps.

My First Online Sale!

Woot! I made my first online sale. My friends Angie and Kate ordered a care package for a birthday present, and some honey for themselves. So if’n any of you want honey or honey products, I have them. Goad Farm.

Pretty, But Dumb

Clover is our prettiest goat in my opinion. Also our smallest. But she is definitely not the smartest goat in the herd.

Man, Work is Crazy

I usually don’t post about work here, but it has been a crazy few weeks. So I am a webinar coordinator, which more or less means I manage about 60 projects from planning to kickoff to delivery. I also moderate other online training, which… Continue Reading “Man, Work is Crazy”