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A Drive in the Park

Yesterday was the first Park day. I love Rocky Mountain National Park. It is my happy place. And my favorite mountain (to view), Mount Ypsilon.

Remember the Ristra

So if you have been around, you may have read how to make a ristra in ten steps (November 2017). Well, I got around to dealing with it while cleaning the mud room to prepare for planting seedlings.

Birds! Birds! Birds!

We have a whole lot of wonderful birds in our yard. It’s like a Hitchcock film up in here. A quick list of what I’ve seen in the yard, without even sitting down and looking hard. (All images from the Audubon App, which I… Continue Reading “Birds! Birds! Birds!”

Adventure Time!

Saturday was eagle days was on Saturday at Milford Lake Nature Center. We lounged about until almost noon, then went out to watch some birds.

Adventure 1

So we went on an adventure to celebrate my husband’s new job. I picked him up and we started with dinner in Lindsborg, Kansas. Little Sweden. We went to the The Swedish Crown for dinner, then drove along to Milford Lake, where we got… Continue Reading “Adventure 1”

Word of the day: Murmuration

So we are on a bird superhighway. If you’re frightened of birds, here’s your warning.

Science Friday… on a Saturday¬†

I was lucky enough to be able to go see Science Friday last night. It was really cool. I heart Ira Flatow. A Roomful of Nerds makes me happy.

Total Eclipse

So we went to Kansas City to watch the eclipse. Of the three things with the highest ratio of prep time: event, the largest are my wedding, my trip to the Taj Mahal, and this eclipse. All totally worth it.


Today, in things I didn’t realize we’re actual things. You know how there are occasionally snarky birds atop cows in Far Side cartoons (of course I couldn’t find one)? They are actual things. They are cattle egrets. 

Adventures in Birding

I think we can all agree that I’m a total dork. When I go on my Rocky Mountain National Park vacations, I generally try to take in a ranger-led bird walk. But closer to home, I have a whole shitload of birds in my… Continue Reading “Adventures in Birding”