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Eagle Days

So a few weeks ago we went on a quick trip to look at eagles at Milford Lake State Park. Ordinarily they have an event called Eagle Days, but it was canceled due to COVID.


It is just lovely this evening. After three days of serious wind, it finally calmed down a bit.

New Family

We have a new family on the block. Although they come back every year, so it’s not really new.

I love Vancouver!

We got up this morning and took the water taxi to Granville island. We spent the day wandering around the island, and buying provisions. We now have several cheeses, pickles, fruit, mustard, and meats. We will not starve.

Attempted Kayaking

The next day was supposed to be a kayaking excursion among the salt marshes. Of the five of us, two made it. One peeled off sick early, and the Husband and i peeled off because the going was too rough. We went through a… Continue Reading “Attempted Kayaking”

Birds! Birds! Birds!

We have a whole lot of wonderful birds in our yard. It’s like a Hitchcock film up in here. A quick list of what I’ve seen in the yard, without even sitting down and looking hard. (All images from the Audubon App, which I… Continue Reading “Birds! Birds! Birds!”

The long way home

After our day of eagle watching, we lolled about in the morning, then started our drive home. We stopped wherever we felt like it, and had a good time.

Adventure Time!

Saturday was eagle days was on Saturday at Milford Lake Nature Center. We lounged about until almost noon, then went out to watch some birds.

Adventure 1

So we went on an adventure to celebrate my husband’s new job. I picked him up and we started with dinner in Lindsborg, Kansas. Little Sweden. We went to the The Swedish Crown for dinner, then drove along to Milford Lake, where we got… Continue Reading “Adventure 1”

Word of the day: Murmuration

So we are on a bird superhighway. If you’re frightened of birds, here’s your warning.