Adventure Time!

Saturday was eagle days was on Saturday at Milford Lake Nature Center. We lounged about until almost noon, then went out to watch some birds.

First was the owl program.

We learned about several types of owls, including Barred, Screech, and Barn.

I think I’m gong to have to look for barn owl houses on Pinterest and make one for our property. After the owls, we hopped on a yellow school bus to go out to see a nesting pair of eagles on the lake.

We wandered around and then went to the eagle program.

Both of these are rescues who cannot be let back into the wild. They are both female bald eagles. The darker one is a juvenile.

After the programs were done, we went on a hike at Milford Lake State Park. Just a little one, but still nice.

After the hike we went to dinner in Junction City, at Cynthia’s One Bite Delight Which was awesome soul food. So much food, so good.

And that was our Saturday adventure! More to come!

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