Birds! Birds! Birds!

We have a whole lot of wonderful birds in our yard. It’s like a Hitchcock film up in here.

A quick list of what I’ve seen in the yard, without even sitting down and looking hard. (All images from the Audubon App, which I highly recommend).

Here we have our friend Mr. Cardinal. Yes, ubiquitous, but lovely nonetheless.

Another ubiquitous creature, the starling.

The red-tailed hawk is my husband’s favorite bird, and we have one that lives on or around our property.

My favorite is the red-winged blackbird. And we have a flock of them in our tree right now.

Not a huge fan of the mourning dove, but she does hang out at our house.

Now we have the house birds. Wren.


And sparrow.

I saw several ring-necked pheasants.

And last, but not least, the black-capped chickadee.

This is barely paying attention. I’m sure if I sat outside for an afternoon with binoculars and a bird book, I’m sure I’d get more.

Can’t wait for the spring and summer, when we have orioles, and hummingbirds, and bluebirds.


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