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Signs of Spring!

I walked around the yard today because it is absolutely gorgeous out. I checked out our mini-orchard. For reference, we have two each of Honeycrisp, Fuji, and Granny Smith.

Even More Wildflowers

I love that I have wildflowers instead of lawn. It brings me joy to look out there. We’ve got more new flowers out there today.

More Wildflowers

Every year I think, “well, darn I guess no wildflowers this year.” Then one morning I wake up and *bam* flowers! So we’ve seen the tick weed and beardtongue. We have more!


Every now and again, I love walking through the yard looking at everything.

Spring is Springing

Still in the early days, but signs are starting to pop up, as are our peonies.

When to Give Up

So we have been building a fence to keep goats. For about two years. It goes in fits and starts, as we have time, health, and good weather.

Getting Dirty

Today was spent primarily in the garden. Prepping isn’t sexy, but it helps in the long run. But fist, coffee. My local place Mustard Seed had a gluten-free baking day yesterday, so I was pretty much on the doorstep when they opened. I had… Continue Reading “Getting Dirty”

Expanding our Carbon Footprint

One of the downsides to living out here is that it is a long drive to anywhere. We have a more or less fuel efficient Subaru, an ancient Honda that sips gas, and Big Blue, a 1993 Ford F-150. Paid $500 for it. Worth… Continue Reading “Expanding our Carbon Footprint”

All Around the Mulberry Bush

I think maybe we have a mulberry bush behind our beehives. Which would be awesome! I’m currently trying to identify the tree.

Just Super!

Our new bees are thriving thus far. Our old hive wasn’t so bad either, so after checking on them on Sunday, we put on a brooder box on one of the new ones, and a super on the old one.