Spring is Springing

Still in the early days, but signs are starting to pop up, as are our peonies.

I went on a walk for the first time since the accident. One lap around the property. Not a lot, but better than nothing. I’m happy to see so many different places where we have flowers.

Near the peonies, we have this little guy.

We have daffodils in front of the house and under the hated Callery pear tree.

The hated Callery pear tree is starting to bloom. As are four of the six apple trees. The Fugis and the Granny Smiths are blooming, the honeycrisps not so much. They are alive though.

Along our frontage, we have irises and lilies-I don’t like either, but hey, flowers.

And it isn’t yet in bloom, but I love, love, love that we plowed under half the yard for wildflowers. I scattered seeds to encourage the field. Soon, it will be a riot of color.

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