Starting the Garden

Over the weekend we had warm weather if windy. So on Saturday, I did some gardening. Planted some stuff, weeded others. All in all lovely.

We have a bunch of raised beds around an area for row crops. I planted two beds with arugula, peas, radishes, and carrots.

Yummy peas! I’m going to do succession planting in other boxes as long as the seeds hold out. Last week was english peas. This week is sugar snap.

Then I turned my attention to the asparagus rows. I had some help.

Hello Dottie!

…and some not-help from Lou who, among other things, tried to sit in my lap, stepped on my hurt leg, pooped, dug in the trenches, and tried to chew my gloves.

But, my efforts were not entirely futile. There was one lone asparagus shoot.


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