Chicklets: TNG

We started 12 eggs on the 19th. The incubator is starting to fail a bit, so it may be a laggy hatch. Our external thermometer reads about 34 instead of 37, and the incubator is up to its highest temp. May be our last year on this one.

I’m sure the Husband will find a use for the parts.

In any case, we candled after a couple of days, and really couldn’t tell on a lot of them. The blues and dark browns are so had to see. But we did see more on Monday.

Here is one of the eggs. We ended up culling one egg, a small cream one (maybe a polish) because it was clearly not developing. So we’re down to eleven.

More pics of eggs and the inside of our guest bath (the darkest place in the house).

This one is a good egg.

This one may have a blood ring, but it might be just an oddly shaped vein.

We will see if it develops.

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