Ooooklahoma (or Kansas) Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain…

It was windy here. How windy you ask? Well, here’s me in my office upstairs.

It was windy. Very windy.

It blew over our coop, which was anchored in two places.

One intrepid bird was unconcerned.

No injuries, but a few feathers were ruffled.

Plus, there is a fire between us and our bigger neighbor town.

I had to go around south of the fire to get to physical therapy. Which was a good thing, because I saw one *much* closer to the house just getting started. I called 911, and it was out before I got back from physical therapy.

The evening’s entertainment was righting the coop and securing it to the ground again. We now have bigger anchors, guy lines under tension holding it down, and a chain holding it to our tractor.

As per, we were racing against sunset, in crappy weather.

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