Tractor Maintenance

So our little Kubota was starving for fuel. The diagnosis is that there was something blocking the outflow of the fuel tank. So he spent the weekend taking it apart, and is putting it back together.

He washed all of the innards (technical term).

And is in the process of putting it back together.

As you can see, he spilled a bit of diesel, which brings to mind the story of the first time I visited his folks in Texas. His stepfather had accidentally put the wrong kind of fuel in the tractor. The Husband was helping fix it, and some diesel fuel splashed on my shoes.

I didn’t think anything of it, and put the shoes in my bag when packing. This is the first time I’d ever been to College Station. It’s about an hour and change before our flight and I am freaking out because we need to be at the airport now for our flight. The Husband (who was then The Boyfriend) is not worried in the slightest. Eventually we go to the airport with about 45 minutes to spare.

TSA isn’t open. They don’t open until 20 minutes before the flight. Awesome. So we get in our line to go through TSA. The Husband is first and gets through with ease.

They stop me. The fuel smell. Dammit. I’m stuck in TSA, can’t talk to the Husband. Everyone else is on the plane. No one seems to know what to do. Thankfully this was the day *before* the underwear bomber, otherwise I might still be in Texas.

Finally, someone says that “Bob” will know what to do. I’m allowed to briefly converse with the Husband and I tell him that Bob will decide. We start getting worried, because it’s time for the plane to get ready to leave. We are the only ones not on the plane.

Then a man comes in from the Tarmac. We both instantly know two things: (1) this is Bob, and (2) we are going to get on the plane momentarily. As expected, Bob comes in, takes a look at the situation, and waves me through.

It was not funny when we got on the plane. It was not funny when we landed in Dallas. I immediately went to the bar when we landed in Dallas. It was not funny until I saw the Red River pass below us. Now it is funny.

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