So there’s this dress pattern I love…

Except for one thing. The neckline is soooooo wide. I need to wear a tank to hide bra straps wide. So I decided to fix it.

Last week at MakeICT, I used interfacing to sturdy up my pattern. This week, I’m making new necklines. I wanted a low-ish neckline with a narrower opening, a higher neckline, and a v-neck.

I started by measuring my head, so I make sure that I can get it on. I could just see making a lovely dress with a smaller neckline, that I couldn’t get over my head.

Then came the pattern making. I took the original piece, and measured the opening. It is a curve, so I used yarn and measuring tape.

I then drew my shapes. I wanted to have it overlap the existing pattern, so that I can pin the pieces together more easily. I used scrapbook paper to give it some stiffness.

The v-neck was the easiest.

The higher neckline took a few tries. The first would have been too tight.

But I got the hang of it for the lower neck.

I’ve got fabric to try next week.

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