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TOMORROW – MakeICT Open House

A reminder for my local readers that the MakeICT open house and market are tomorrow.

Christmas Presents

So, I didn’t post before, but my Christmas presents this year were kinda cool. One of the things that I like to do is pick some craft, or product, or something. So this year I had two maker spaces to choose from.


So there’s this dress pattern I love… Except for one thing. The neckline is soooooo wide. I need to wear a tank to hide bra straps wide. So I decided to fix it.

New Purse

So in the before-times, I carried a big bag. It was cute, and me and I like it. Gray canvas with birds screen printed on it. Anyway, then the pandemic, and the broken leg/ankle/ankle. I started using a back pack.

Going to MakeICT to Make!

I love my makerspace. It was closed for a while because we bought a building and moments after we moved, COVID happened. As a result, I haven’t been able to go there and just make.

Rough Linen

Totally not an ad, but definitely a recommendation. When I first moved out to a homestead, my best friend sent me a great pinafore for my indoor/outdoor work.

Hospital Masks

So I’m filled with anxiety about coronavirus. Two things I do to help my anxiety are to learn as much as I possibly can about my fear, and try to help others. In that vein, I’ve talked to a local hospital about whether they… Continue Reading “Hospital Masks”

Ziplock Bags

Last night I did a prototype for washable ziplock bags.

My latest project

One of the nice things about MakeICT is that it has a lovely cutting table. It makes it a whole lot easier to cut out patterns and piece together fabric. I decided that I wanted some cool summer dresses to wear around the house.… Continue Reading “My latest project”

New and Improved Chicken Saddle

So I continued my chicken saddle prototyping, and came up with a simpler design that I can reinforce easily and that stays on. It gaps a little at the shoulder, but it doesn’t bother her a bit. There’s Noah, all floofed out.