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So there’s this dress pattern I love… Except for one thing. The neckline is soooooo wide. I need to wear a tank to hide bra straps wide. So I decided to fix it.

New Purse

So in the before-times, I carried a big bag. It was cute, and me and I like it. Gray canvas with birds screen printed on it. Anyway, then the pandemic, and the broken leg/ankle/ankle. I started using a back pack.

Going to MakeICT to Make!

I love my makerspace. It was closed for a while because we bought a building and moments after we moved, COVID happened. As a result, I haven’t been able to go there and just make.

Rough Linen

Totally not an ad, but definitely a recommendation. When I first moved out to a homestead, my best friend sent me a great pinafore for my indoor/outdoor work.

Hospital Masks

So I’m filled with anxiety about coronavirus. Two things I do to help my anxiety are to learn as much as I possibly can about my fear, and try to help others. In that vein, I’ve talked to a local hospital about whether they… Continue Reading “Hospital Masks”

Ziplock Bags

Last night I did a prototype for washable ziplock bags.

My latest project

One of the nice things about MakeICT is that it has a lovely cutting table. It makes it a whole lot easier to cut out patterns and piece together fabric. I decided that I wanted some cool summer dresses to wear around the house.… Continue Reading “My latest project”

New and Improved Chicken Saddle

So I continued my chicken saddle prototyping, and came up with a simpler design that I can reinforce easily and that stays on. It gaps a little at the shoulder, but it doesn’t bother her a bit. There’s Noah, all floofed out.


So we had our birds who were favored by our Roos. Our decision to protect them just matched with the time that our best layer decided to molt. It took us a while to figure out that she wasn’t being pecked, she was molting.… Continue Reading “Molting”