Ziplock Bags

Last night I did a prototype for washable ziplock bags.

You need ripstop fabric (or similar), fabric for the outside (I had a stray fat quarter), and Velcro.

Since it was a prototype, I didn’t much worry about size or thread color.

Started by cutting the ripstop to size (half the fat quarter).

God, I love having a cutting table at MakeICT.

I sewed the two together outsides together and flipped it.

Since it was a practice I slacked and just sewed the opening, rather than hand sewing it to be invisible.

Then I sewed on the Velcro. Note, next time Velcro first and run it along the entire edge.

Sew up the sides outside in.


And done! Did this in about ten minutes.

Optional upgrade would be a flap, which just means attaching Velcro to right side of ripstop and fabric, and folding a little offset from in half. That might be better for dry goods. But these can be used then popped in the wash. No more ziplock baggies of plastic!

For size reference, a half of a fat quarter is bigger than a sandwich bag. Probably about a quart.

And of course I have Star Wars ziplock baggies. Go Finn!

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