Beeswax Wraps

Yet another anti-plastic post. I’m trying to be more sustainable. This one was pretty easy. There are several ways to do this, but this one worked for me, given the way I deal with my wax.

I have a crockpot that is dedicated to wax crafts. So I took some fat quarters and used pinking shears to cut the edge after I washed them.

See the pretties?

Cut to size. Fat quarters are pretty big, so I have some that are full size, some half, and some quarters.

So I heated up the crockpot to low (mistake one). And placed the fabric face up (mistake two) and slopped on a fairly large amount of wax (mistake three).

But, I got the hang of it. I turned it to high. And painting a couple of inches at a time. And painted the underside.

It works better this way.

I made a dozen or so.

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