If You Give A Mouse A Cookie…

So we bought some new battery packs for our hand tools. Our old ones were sad and only lasted an hour or so of use. We also have a screen door that is broken (as in no glass at all), doesn’t latch, and when I tried to put a chain on it, I broke the house. It’s a mite windy out here on the plains.

Anyway, The Husband decided to try out the new batteries by taking off the screen door, which bangs incessantly. Awesome!

…and found wood rot.

So we took down the door, which will lead to a new door frame, which will lead to some work on the outside of our house, which will lead to taking off the deck and replacing it and probably painting the house. The deck removal will lead to putting in a landing and paving the patio. The painting will lead to putting on shutters so we can look like a proper farmhouse. Oh, and a new screen door. Probably one that is a barn-type door to minimize the wind issue.


…can I have my annoying bangy useless screen door back?

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