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This Old House

So, yesterday, I’m innocently working downstairs, and it sounds like water is running upstairs or in the kitchen. I limp upstairs to see what is up, and it’s raining in our guest room. Yeah, so that’s not good. Luckily we live in a small… Continue Reading “This Old House”

Of Mice and Me

Growing up in the city, I didn’t have to deal with rodents. Now that I live in the country, they are approaching normal. We are in an old house, so entry holes have been created over the last 120 years. Oh, and one of… Continue Reading “Of Mice and Me”

Getting Dirty

Today was spent primarily in the garden. Prepping isn’t sexy, but it helps in the long run. But fist, coffee. My local place Mustard Seed had a gluten-free baking day yesterday, so I was pretty much on the doorstep when they opened. I had… Continue Reading “Getting Dirty”

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie…

So we bought some new battery packs for our hand tools. Our old ones were sad and only lasted an hour or so of use. We also have a screen door that is broken (as in no glass at all), doesn’t latch, and when… Continue Reading “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie…”

Dream Realized

Ever since I was a wee child, I’ve wanted a card catalog of my very own. How long you ask? I wanted one to house my music collection, which at the time was tapes. Yeah.

Ode to Carhartt

It’s ridiculously cold out there, but by gum, the only cold places on my body were my face and my fingers.

Winter Update

So we’ve had lots of changes on the homestead since we moved in. What did we do last year?

Barn Cats

So we have a dimly lit Quonset hut (as near as I can tell from years of Car Talk, all Quonset huts are dimly lit). There are mice, at least. I’m going to go with mice. Because I don’t want to think of alternatives

Ahhhh, old houses

So our house is about 120 years old. With that comes certain charms. But there are also hassles.