Dream Realized

Ever since I was a wee child, I’ve wanted a card catalog of my very own. How long you ask? I wanted one to house my music collection, which at the time was tapes.


So in our travels we have come across many a card catalog that was too far away, or too expensive, or both. Well, no longer!

Last week we found one at the one closest to my parents’ house, and yesterday we went to pick it up in Big Blue.

We had to recycle first, and then off to the big city.

We had a tarp, several straps, and some bungee cords. but first plastic wrap.

Many swear words later…

Of course, now I want to move it, but there are a few pieces of scientific equipment that are currently living in my foyer, as they are wont to do.

But DUDE! I have a legit card catalog!

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