Spice Drawer Redo

My spice drawer got out of control. Slowly at first, but it picked up speed, and suddenly chaos.

After a few days of being the only one who could find anything, I redid. I did a major redo in my old house, and still have the remnants. As you are doing this be brutal. Smell/taste to make sure they’re still potent. Throw out the ones that don’t make the cut. It is always tempting to buy the big thing of thyme because it’s cheaper, but you won’t use it all up.

*caveat – of course fresh is better, but it’s the winter and I’m not made of money.

First, we take everything out. We have this weird pull out shelf under our range that we hadn’t ever used. It was a holding area.

Bleech. Cleaned out the drawer, and the spice holders.

I got a boatload of these at IKEA, and cut them to size for my old drawers. But they are great. They hold things in place, and are stackable in case you only have room for 4.5 of these in your drawer.

I washed and dried them and put them back to I n the drawer.

Spices and herbs now in alphabetical order and fresh. Ready to be used.

I did order some. I highly recommend Penzey’s.

Much better.

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