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Finishing the Lockers

If you recall, we bought some lockers at MakeICT a few months ago. Many things came up and they sat unfinished by the Quonset Hut. We have a few more to finish. We start with one like this. Then the Husband grinds off the… Continue Reading “Finishing the Lockers”

Busy Little Bees

Not the bees… us. Although I’m sure they, too, are busy. We caulked the back door. Made terrible jokes. The Husband worked on the fence while I worked on the asparagus plot. Of course we have surveying tools. I tidied up the front landscaping… Continue Reading “Busy Little Bees”

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie…

So we bought some new battery packs for our hand tools. Our old ones were sad and only lasted an hour or so of use. We also have a screen door that is broken (as in no glass at all), doesn’t latch, and when… Continue Reading “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie…”

Living Room to Library

So our next indoor project (after cleaning) is going to be changing our living room over to a library. We realized that since we don’t have a TV per se (iPads suffice for us) we don’t need a focal point in the living room.… Continue Reading “Living Room to Library”

Christmas Traditions-Old and New.

Had a lovely Christmas! Started with the baking of the pies, then Rise of Skywalker. I am a fan of nearly all things Star Wars (first two prequels excluded). It was great, and I left the theater ugly crying and grinning at the same… Continue Reading “Christmas Traditions-Old and New.”

Busy Busy Busy

Hoping to get back on track with writing. I miss it. So it’s been a while since I checked in. I have a whole lot going on.

Auction Time

Yesterday we went to an estate auction-which is always a dangerous proposition.

Beautiful Night

There were storms coming that resulted in some lovely pictures. I shall post them because I have terrible insomnia this week. I managed to register no sleep on my Fitbit on Sunday night, and a whopping 3 hours last night.

I Love Libby!

Yes, I also mean my niece, but I am talking about the app. For my bibliophiles out there, it is an app to let you check out ebooks from your iPad.

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

My day has a starting routine. For some reason I’m waking up at 6 am. Which, I suppose is good. It gives me time to myself in the morning. I use an app called fabulous to help me with good habits. One of which… Continue Reading “Oh What a Beautiful Morning”