Address Sign

So we have a lovely bog porch, but it is fairly plain.

We’ve gotten rid of the trees that block the view from the porch. But it’s still plain.

I wanted to have something to identify our house that looked nice. I looked on Pinterest for ideas. This one inspired me.

I needed the background to be a color, or maybe the edge so it pops against the white paint.

I decided to paint the sign. But then the black numbers wouldn’t be as visible. So, I needed some other plan.

So, I have a problem. I love salad plates. Back in my entertaining days, I bought plain white china. To spice it up, I buy pretty/cool salad plates. As a result,

I switch them out generally by season, but that didn’t happen this fall because *gestures widely*. They got a little banged up, so I retired the plates. But hey, they’re mainly white! I can use these to make the numbers.

It was lovely to smash plates. Not something I would generally do, obviously.

I took the main color from the plate to paint my sign.

Not perfect, but pretty close.

I bought supplies:

  • Paint
  • Wood sign
  • Wood box
  • Fake flowers
  • Glue

I painted the sign and box.

I made stencils for the numbers.

I cut the numbers out and traced the numbers on the wood with a pencil.

Then I tried out various mosaic schemes.

Each time I kept the pieces for each number in a marked plastic baggie. Then, I decided which numbers I liked best.

Then I moved over to the flowers. We fail dismally in watering plants like these, so we went to fake flowers.

I love tulips, poppies, and the color orange. So I got some white poppies, and yellow and orange tulips.

I cut them apart with tin snips. And placed them in the box.

Then I put it all together. I glued on the pieces and box. I’m planning on screwing it on as well.

Not too bad!

I’m going to cut the stems a little bit, but I’m pretty happy with it.

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