Christmas Traditions-Old and New.

Had a lovely Christmas! Started with the baking of the pies, then Rise of Skywalker. I am a fan of nearly all things Star Wars (first two prequels excluded). It was great, and I left the theater ugly crying and grinning at the same time.

Christmas Eve was at my cousin’s partner’s house, with all of the accouterments. Prime Rib, salads, duck roll ups of some sort. It was glorious. Stayed at the parents’ house because tired.

Slept like crap, but they have this perfect bedroom, the cave. It isn’t technically a bedroom for real estate purposes, as it has no windows. Which makes it the perfect nap room. Cold, dark, and quiet.

Morning was brunch, and hanging out at my brother’s house.

Then came my traditional Christmas tasks. I flipped through the seed catalog marking my choices.

I absolutely do not have a problem. It’s perfectly reasonable to mark all of the pages, right?

In the past we’ve used Johnny’s Seeds. And we love them. They’re from Maine though, and in terms of climate and transportation costs, we’ve opted for Baker Creek, which is only five hours away. I highly recommend both, as well as Southern Exposure. Our only reason to use Baker exclusively this year is proximity.

I put them in my garden app, Grow Planner. Which I love. It’s a paid app, but worth it. You can do square foot gardening or row. We are moving to square foot.

Here’s what I’m going to do this winter under the grow lights.

The best thing is you can buy directly from the app.

The new tradition is the buying of the chicks. Which got a lot of snickers from a lot of family members, because I’m buying chicks on the internet, we have an order of 16 coming in April, and four in July.

We use Meyer Hatchery and have had good luck.

We are getting:

April 20th

And in July:

New tradition, ordering chicks on Christmas.

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