Christmas Presents

So some of my crafts haven’t been posted, because I didn’t want to spoil it.

“Now, Libby, don’t tell Aunt Jane and Uncle Greg what we got them for Christmas.”

Three minutes later…

“Hi Uncle Greg, we got you a shirt!”

So we usually do handmade gifts for Christmas. Last year was egg-related paraphernalia. This year is bees.

First is honey. Pretty sure I posted about harvesting that. We found small jars to put the honey in, and got some dippers.

Next, I did candles. Now, we didn’t have enough wax for the whole project, so I cheated and bought on Amazon. But, I did mix our own in with it, so everyone got a little of our wax.

Originally I planned on tapers, but my taper mold sucks. So we went for columns and skeps. I highly recommend silicone over hard plastic.

We went with natural color, after an attempt at coloring the wax went hideously awry. And looked like a murder scene. So natural it is.

I tried my hand at lip balm, too. Um… I’ll try again. But it was wax, coconut oil, and lanolin, with a bit of honey and vanilla.

Finally, we made Christmas ornaments on the laser cutter.

We had a lovely time with the family opening presents. Mine matched the new mixer we are going to have to buy since the Viking died in battle while making pies.

A good time was had by all.

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