Month: February 2019

Design Challenge

I don’t usually blog about work, since mostly this is a blog about the stuff I do for our hobby farm. But, I’m lucky enough to have a remote job for a non-profit. I write training for tax professionals. We are, as most nonprofits,… Continue Reading “Design Challenge”

Spice Drawer Redo

My spice drawer got out of control. Slowly at first, but it picked up speed, and suddenly chaos.

Dream Realized

Ever since I was a wee child, I’ve wanted a card catalog of my very own. How long you ask? I wanted one to house my music collection, which at the time was tapes. Yeah.


We got the dreaded Thundersleet! The cats were terrified. Demeter has only experienced hail once, and this sounded like hail. But we still have to do chores, because the animals need us. So our deck was straight up ice.


We have Easter eggers because I really wanted blue eggs. Our older hen, Violet gives these lovely blue eggs. But she doesn’t lay as much anymore, and we generally get her daughter’s eggs. Meggan is a Easter egger x Easter egger.

The Little Juicer That Could

One of our favorite things to do is go to junk stores. Not your fancy pants antique stores (although we love that too, and dude we just got a real live card catalog today and I’m giddy).