We have Easter eggers because I really wanted blue eggs. Our older hen, Violet gives these lovely blue eggs. But she doesn’t lay as much anymore, and we generally get her daughter’s eggs. Meggan is a Easter egger x Easter egger.

Violet (or original recipe)

Meggan (or mini-me)

I can only tell the difference when they are together. Meggan is just slightly more vibrant.

In any case. When we don’t get a Violet for a while , I think Meggan’s eggs are just as blue, right? Wrong.

Meggan’s are a lot greener. We now have two Roos, a Leghorn and a EExEE, so hopefully we will get additional shades of blue.

We are waiting to do a hatch until we get back from Canada though.


For now, we are just happy to be getting eggs every day.

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