The Little Juicer That Could

One of our favorite things to do is go to junk stores. Not your fancy pants antique stores (although we love that too, and dude we just got a real live card catalog today and I’m giddy).

But the side of the road, random crap stores. Two of the best dollars we ever spent is on our juicer. I think it’s an ancient Cuisinart.

I’m pretty sure it’s missing parts, and it doesn’t actually work exactly right, but it does it’s job.

We love our fizzy water, but like a little flavor. So we buy citrus and juice them. This is today’s haul.

Left to right: grapefruit, orange, blood orange, lemon, lime. They’re great for a little zip in your water, a fruit vinaigrette, whatever needs a little acid. I will often freeze them for good ice cubes. I also have cranberry juice in the fridge.

Also in the background are some tangerines and bananas that I’m freezing for smoothies. They’re healthy, and curb my sweet tooth.

I usually do a frozen banana, some other frozen fruit (usually berries) of some kind, and kefir. I’ve tried strawberry and peach, and have plain to try, because I want an orange smoothie.

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