The Legend of FU Chicken

I can’t believe I haven’t done my roast chicken yet. It is one of my favorite meals in the world. Right up there with steak, potatoes, and an arugula salad, if I ever am on death row.

Anyhow. In our family my roast chicken is called FU Chicken.

When my mom was looking through my recipes, she asked “What does the FU stand for?” I replied “Exactly what it sounds like, Mom.”

So the story goes that some elderly relatives were visiting. We were hoping to convince them to move closer to us so that we could help them. It went poorly. I made a lovely dinner of tuna steaks and fancy-pants food. They didn’t like it. I tried to go out for dinner. No go. Things were tense enough that we took them for a drive. I asked what they might like, and suggested roast chicken. They said it sounded good, and I replied that I’d make it that evening.

Cut to close to evening. I excuse myself saying that I’m going to go make dinner, to which I get “oh, we don’t eat dinner.” One got worked up enough to go to the ER, so the Husband took them. I called my best friend, and she came over with wine and said swear words with me while I cooked. Because by god, you *WILL* enjoy this chicken.

Thus, Fuck You Chicken.

Simple and easy. Technique, recipe, or inspiration from reading Think Like A Chef, by Tom Colicchio, it’s been so long I don’t remember anymore.

Chop root veggies of all kinds. Whatever you have. Mix salt and pepper, and any other herbs or spices that tickle your fancy. I usually layer the veggies from least flavorful to most – celery, potatoes, carrots, and onions. Rub the chicken with the herb mix.

Pop in a 450 degree oven. Turn it down in about half an hour to 350. Cook until done.

Let it rest a while. The cut off the skin on top and pop it in your mouth. Leave some for your loved ones. Then pop out the chicken oysters, and thank whatever deity you choose that no one else likes dark meat. Pop these too. Then cut the meat into servings and dish up the chicken and veggies.

What are Chicken oysters, you ask? Two flavorful little bits of meat from the chicken. these guys.

Since we’ve already brought up Top Chef (which I love), I’ll mention that I think of Hung every time I eat chicken skin, and Richard Blais when I eat chicken oysters.

Then you refrigerate the leftover meat for dinners later in the week, and turn the carcass into chicken stock.

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