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The Wedding

The whole reason we were in Park City was the wedding. My cousin married her one true love. It was a wonderful weekend of love and family.

More Park City

Another beautiful day in Park City. The sunrise from my writing nook.

The Legend of FU Chicken

I can’t believe I haven’t done my roast chicken yet. It is one of my favorite meals in the world. Right up there with steak, potatoes, and an arugula salad, if I ever am on death row. Anyhow. In our family my roast chicken… Continue Reading “The Legend of FU Chicken”

Catching up

I spent too much time in the last week doing to update this blog. I added several states to my map of places I’ve been with the Husband, I’ve been to places that have been on my list for decades, I ate a lot… Continue Reading “Catching up”

Guest Star and Cooking

So last weekend, we tried to shock the well – we failed – but we still didn’t have water. We went to my parents’ house to spend the night, and my mother and I cooked together. Mediterranean Pork and Orzo, and a chocolate soufflĂ©.… Continue Reading “Guest Star and Cooking”

OK, Regroup.

New Year, Renewed Focus. Got out of some good habits near the end of last year, so we’re going to start strong again. This means, cooking more, working out more, staying more active during the day. I’m going to work closer to 40 hours… Continue Reading “OK, Regroup.”

Kansas City here I come!

A while ago, I had to go to KC for a doctor’s appointment. We needed to pick up a piece of equipment for the brew lab that was living my my best friend’s garage. The husband was able to get away from work, so… Continue Reading “Kansas City here I come!”

Halloween Costumes

So I love Halloween. Like, a lot. I have had many really cool ass Halloween costumes through the years: The allegorical figures of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, The Axis of Evil, The Divine Comedy, The Poe Toaster and his offering, Masque of… Continue Reading “Halloween Costumes”

Ugh – Back to the Grind

A few more vacation posts will be trickling out, but I’m back home, and – eeek – at work. It’s cold and rainy – but I have a kitten helping me. Doesn’t everyone sacrifice a desk drawer for the kittens to play in?

3D printer

The husband’s birthday present came on Friday, and he spent yesterday setting it up .